My story...

My name is Ken Silagy, the designer, creator and owner of RK Gems. At the young age of 62 I have ventured into the area of jewelry and crafts. I have education thru GIA and certified jeweler status is for now. My craft is design and wire wrapping jewelry. All is real semi -precious stones from all over the world. Each design is one of a kind and crafted to suit your needs.

The Journey; this could be an interesting side venture. The interest started in making money from collecting scrap gold and silver and selling it to a scrap dealer. As usual I was a day late and a dollar short. A short lived side venture at best.

Starting over, my first I inclination was to get some education about jewelry and the shiny stones that go along with all that expensive metal.

I took a course or two thru The Tuscarora Lapidary Society a nonprofit organization. I learned to cut a stone and make it sellable to someone; I don’t know who would buy it, but someone. I also learned that I could wrap that stone in a bunch of wire and making pretty and more sellable to that someone I had yet to meet.

My hands are big and making small things with wire was kind of rough. I was ready to quit this frustrating thing; I persevered with my new skill of destroying wire. I was so busy bending wire up the pile I was making of destroyed wire was huge. What I ended up making with those poor stones looked atrocious.

I heard of a school called the Gemologist Institute of America. This was a real educational jewelry school. And I took to it like a fly to a bug light. Like every newbie out of the education box I knew just enough to be very dangerous. However I was still playing with wire and stones but I was getting better at this new craft.

I showed everyone what I was making. I could see that people were beginning to have an interest in the jewelry. I knew I was on to something bigger when I was asked the question “how much is it”. It shook me to my core. Somehow my knowing nothing about anything did not prepare me for this question. The piece of Quartz wrapped in nickel with a necklace was the first sale I made.

I still practiced more and more for about a year to two years. I knew I was getting better when I was in a restaurant and was talking to the owner and I showed her a beautiful heart shaped pendent wrapped in silver. She held it in her hands and started to tremble. She was afraid she would drop it. She loved it.

I did my first craft show and sold a couple of things. And I did a second show and sold almost everything. I was on my way at last.

My thought process in making jewelry is to use high quality stones, unique in color and design. I look for very unusual stones that are appealing, matching quality wire design with every piece great care is used to compliment colors with wire design.

Can you tell the difference between the sapphire in front of you for $50.00 and the sapphire aside of it selling for $28,000.00? It is hard even for the experts let alone being without any knowledge.

Most often the stone you get will be a rare find or unique in shape. My work is giving to you the best quality of stone and its complimenting adornment. It must fit you, enhance your personal appeal and be complimentary to your personality.

I hope you'll find my work both beautiful and unique. Thank you for visiting. Please contact me to learn more.