Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold colors flash in the dazzeling light. I wonder how emotions are effected by the thought of wearing such a presious metal. What I found is that the woman has a simple yet complex feeling about wearing jewelry.

Why is it that there are some people that wear very little jewelry and like simple styles and have a tast for subdued colors.

The next person is subject to earthy colors, greens and browns including brown diamonds. but they like to be somewhat flashy with great combinations of colors like an autumn flash of suttle reds and oranges complimenting their likes in color.

At the next level the woman that loves all color and would not be caught anywhere without a full course of jewelry on her arms, neck, fingers, toes, ears, hair, and is the woman displaying incrediable confidence within her world.   

Elegance is all women in love. They wear the best clothing, finest jewelry, and you can spot this type of beauty from afar. The world is their playground.

With all of this being said, women seem to move thru each level with the greatest amount of ease. Making the art of jewelry making very complex but fun.