One of a kind...

One of a kind jewelryEach piece we create is as unique as you are. Our jewelry is made from semi-precious stones from all over the world. Each design is one of a kind and hand-crafted to suit your style and desires.

About the Stones

There are so many stones in the world it is a challenge to pick just a few. There are Agates (chalcedony quartz), Quartz, Berle, Chrysoberyl, Emeralds, Sapphires, Diamonds and more.

There are colors and shapes of all kinds. Some stones are man made and you would never know it. You will find raw stones, rough cut stones, faceted stones, cabochons with so many variations. The prices can vary dramatically for every stone. Some of the smallest of stones can be the most valuable. Even for the same kind of stone due to size, cut, clarity, inclusions (marks, breaks, growth patterns, and more) can be very high priced. It all comes down to quality not quantity.

When I pick out stones I look for the most unusual, appealing, and rare, stones. I like to make  unique one of a kind pieces of jewelry that No one has on their neck. You are then become the sought after, elegant and eye-catching person int the room, you are worth it.

What wire to use?

Wire comes in all sizes and shapes. I like to use copper, brass, nickel when I am learning a new design. Copper has a look all to itself and some people like the look that copper gives. Brass can show a strong look of gold too. I like to use square wire for the body of the project and half hard round for the binding.

When it comes to silver I tend to use Argentium Silver because there is more silver and it takes longer to tarnish.

Unless I am doing a special project I use gold-filled wire. With the cost of gold being $1,200.00 and above it becomes a bit pricey.